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We're building shared value through enduring partnerships

With your investment the Nature Trust will acquire lands to establish new native Irish woodlands that will last in perpetuity.

You can have confidence in our exceptional leadership, operational and scientific advisory teams, building on 30 years’ experience in woodland management and ecology.

We take impact reporting seriously, using international standards and independent verification. This gives our partners confidence when reporting on the carbon, biodiversity, wellbeing and engagement value of these woodlands. 


Leading the next generation of nature-based solutions


  • New native woodlands planted, managed and maintained for 100 years by registered foresters

  • Robust governance and scientific rigour


Aligned with international sustainability reporting standards


  • Aligned to EU Taxonomy for sustainable activities

  • Reports on benefits under EU Non-Financial Reporting Directive

  • Action on the Sustainable Development Goals

  • Assessed by KPMG Independent Assurance Report

  • Verified by an Independent Scientific Panel

  • Best Forestry Practice utilised


Investing in real impact you can see for yourself 


  • Carbon sequestration and storage over the lifetime of the trees

  • Increased biodiversity of plants and animal species

  • Enhanced community wellbeing by providing public amenites in a natural setting

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An independent Scientific Panel chaired by Professor Yvonne Buckley, Vice President for Biodiversity and Climate Action at Trinity College Dublin will oversee the Nature Trust’s activities and ensure that scientific rigour is at the heart of our operations.

Benefits for People,Nature and Climate


Quantifiable Benefits for Nature

  • We take an ecological approach to afforestation selecting appropriate mixes of native tree species based on the soil type, ground flora and hydrology of each site. 

  • On the portions of land where native woodland isn't appropriate, we'll rewild or restore the existing habitat. 

  • Independent ecologists undertake baseline ecological surveys and, as our native woodlands grow, they monitor biodiversity to assess impact against the baseline.

  • We don’t use herbicides or pesticides unless absolutely necessary.

  • All our native woodlands support the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan


Engagement and Education

  • We'll hold hands-on tree planting and seed collection events for local schools, community groups and partners to increase nature-awareness and the understanding of the value of native woodlands.

  • Partners will be offered talks, walks and tree-planting activities

  • To help partners tell great stories through their corporate communications, we provide photos, videos and narratives.

  • We are keen to collaborate with third level educational institutions on research projects.


Community Health and Wellbeing

  • In time, all our native woodlands will be open to the public and we'll engage with local communities.

  • Where suitable, they'll be developed with recreation in mind, with tracks and trails planned for at the design stage.

  • We'll install interpretive signage to help people get to know their native woodlands better.

  • As well as releasing oxygen, trees naturally filter the air we breathe so our native woodlands will contribute to a healthier environment.

  • We'll encourage locally-led initiatives to use these native woodlands.

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